Our breed

We have always been passionate about horses. In 1980 we formally started the breeding of Peruvian Paso horses in our ONA LEKU hatchery (Good place, in Basque) in San Agustín.

The objective of our breeding was to try to obtain functional horses, with softness, temperament and a lot of health, without which, we could not achieve longevity with function.

We have been breeding these horses for 26 years with great success. Our horses have won in many competitions and we have made many friends of different places as a result of the shared interest in the breed. 

The Peruvian Paso horse

Perú had a period of great splendour from the middle of the 17th century and during the 18th century. Lima was considered, after Madrid, the second most important city in the kingdom of Spain.

The nobility of Spain was attracted by this flourishing situation and came to Perú to occupy political and military posts and to take advantage of the commercial opportunities. They brought with them a type of horse which only the upper classes could have; they were considered a luxory, an equestrian jewel.

This horses, with a tendency to amble, were crossed with the original horses and gradually gave origin to this new breed with its specific characteristics.

Its name

It was named Peruvian Paso horse after the Viceroyalty of Perú, from where it came from in the end of the 17th century.

Features of the breed

Undoubtedly, the Peruvian Paso breed is the saddle breed with the gentlest gait because of the particular way in which the horse moves. Actually, peruvian paso’s unique trait is the way in which they extend their distal limbs laterally with each step. The breed has a prancing gait which is very elegant and comfortable for the rider.

Due to its gentle gait, many traumatologists recommed the paso fino horse to horse lovers who suffer column and waist problems.



The most noticeable virtue is its smooth gait which can be either slow as the one of the trotting horse or as fast as a short gallop.


It can be saddled up with any kind of saddle.


The prancing gait is very elegant and makes the rider a gentleman.


You don’t have to be a professional rider to ride it because the Peruvian Paso horse moves naturally and doesn’t need to go through a training process.


It is a genetically pure race with no cross-breeding


It is very resistant: it is used for work, horse riding and long journeys.


Being its size confortable for the rider, one can easily get on and get down.


It is a very tame breed of horses.


It is a naturally tame and manageable horse ideal for men, women and children.

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